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Minns du Zenobia?

En separatistisk föreställning om banbrytande och betydande historiska kvinnor som förändrade världen, men inte fick sitt förtjänta utrymme i vare sig historieböckerna eller i folkmun.

Nominerad till Publikens pris i Scenkonstgalan 2017


Fotograf: Mille Boustedt


Photo: Mille Boustedt


Fotograf: Mille Boustedt

“From the power of the heart with full intention, I see every word, every movement continue and succeed in conveying revolutionary feelings to everyone who knows and knows that an important and expected change is here and that always begins with women and transgender people who love themselves and life without a doubt . ”


-Paloma Madrid

Foto Ingrid Linder.jpg

Fotograf: Ingrid Linder

"The show is so funny, sad, beautiful and important and current. It is played by a sparkling ensemble."  


- Emil Jensen


Fotograf: Mille Boustedt

"This play goes straight to the heart. You can not be left untouched by the message, especially not after the last six months with #MeToo as eye opener."

  "It is a sharp knife that hits the audience, as sharp as the surgical instrument that came to end Sigrid Hjertén's life in connection with the lobotomy she was subjected to at Beckomberga Hospital in 1948."

-Karin Noomi Karlsson

The Performing Arts Guide


Fotograf: Mille Boustedt

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