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About the Altitude Theater

Altitudteatern is a free theater group that creates exploratory feminist performing arts, with innovative drama in focus. Altitudteatern is based in Stockholm and has a branch in Gothenburg.  

Altitudteatern performing arts are born out of exploratory playfulness and imagination. We work for a broad and formative artistry with exchanges of knowledge and experiences, between artists and organizations.


Foto 2022-04-03 11 44 21.jpg
Siri B. Bengtén
Siri B. Bengtén
Build Mia Ohlsson
Josefine Rapp
Jonathan Lewerth
Linnéa Wäisänen
Josefine Rapp
Jonatan Lewerth
StagePool - Linnéa Wäisänen -  - 2015.jpg
Linnéa Wäisänen
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